Is It Just a Symbol of Love or Is It something that we all believe in endless Love?

Is It just a Symbol of Love or Is It something that we all believe In endless Love?

20150628_164016This photo is took on 28th May in this year by me. And this place is at Ortaköy in Istanbul. Atmosphere was very good on that day and it was sunny. I was in Istanbul, because I would like to meet my old friend Selim. Selim is a policeman in Istanbul and his job sometimes make his life uncomfortable, so he can`t go to somewhere without to get permission.
And now I will talking about the photo. There are a lot of padlocks and chain, by the way they all are rusty. They could be very old or we can say the chemical reaction is very fast in near the sea. It is not matter for us but we know the padlocks are symbolizing the Love. I have for this a story from Köln. In Köln there is a big bridge, which is in use for all trains and connects all roads to Köln Central Train Station. In this bridge there is also a pedestrian road and in the pedestrian road there is on both sides wire wall. Story tells us, one day a couple came here and promise to each other to love forever and then they locked their padlocks and drop the key out of the bridge. And key went to depths in Rhine. (I am not sure but) End of the Story the girl had deadly illness and she died. In time the men couldn’t live without her and he drop himself out of the bridge. This story can be a myth or the truth but the people like the story and about millions of padlocks are locked on wire wall. Also for this reason the Köln Municipality have to change the wire walls on this bridge. Because of increased weight the bridge was unstable. But fortunately the wire walls transported to near bridge and all padlocks are in Safe and their Loves to.
I don’t know, What about Turkey and our padlocks? For example in my photo there are padlocks and I can’t say about safety. Unfortunately our people are sometimes irrelevant but we can learn it, how it’s going to be like in Germany. Finally we use somethings to believe for something. It is sometimes a superstition but it make us happy or hopeful or what we need at the time, e.g. love…


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